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Are you active in an NGO and you need a strategic planning tool?
Do you want to create a sustainable strategy for your NGO both in a useful and funny way?
Moreover, you want to upgrade your strategy by playing together with your team?
Pre-Order RePlan, the first board game for NGO strategic planning!

A. RePlan Key Info

Theme: Strategic planning for nonprofit/non-governmental organizations

Created by Asociația Young Initiative (Romania)

Format: Playing cards, board, instructions and RePlan story, handmade bio-cotton carrying pouch;

Available in: English, Romanian (to order the Romanian version check out this page), Norwegian (to order the Norwegian version please contact Norsensus Mediaforum);

Structure: 4 game phases ("Where are we now?" / "Where do we want to go?" / "How do we get there?" / "Is our strategy sustainable?"), that can be played together or separately, like 4 mini-games, according to your needs. The main rationale behind the game is the need of many organizations to have an easy-to-use, non-formal, yet very practical tool that can help you through the process of thinking and planning the strategy, while also proving a good self-diganostic tool as well. Very importantly, RePlan is not a fictional game, it is a tool that you can apply directly to your organization or that you can use for a case study in a training context.

Participants: Minimum 3. Recommended maximum 10.

Package: Handmade bio-cotton carrying pouch, crafted by the Romanian social enterprise Atelierul de Pânză, a protected unit which employs disabled people or persons coming from severe economic backgrounds.


B. Who is it for?

If your NGO is just starting its journey or it has a few years of experience already, RePlan will help you develop your current strategy or create a new one from scratch, together with your team!
Trainers and facilitators
RePlan can be easily adapted to NGO-specific training activities, having 4 flexible phases that do not necessarily depend one on another.
Volunteers and NGO members
Do you want to challenge your friends to make a change? Add RePlan to your toolkit!

C. Why buy RePlan?

You get an innovative and quick tool for planning your strategy
You will face new situations, some of which you never considered before
Your team gets involved in the strategy process and you also get a good teambuilding opportunity
It's very easy to learn and use, so you can get straight to the game!
RePlan is very flexible and has 4 phases that can be easily adapted to your needs
Adapted to the needs and context of European NGOs

D. What is the feedback of those who played it?

We really liked the design, the fact that it's actually useful, that it's a good team-cohesion opportunity, but it also makes you think about worst-case scenarios. There are a lot of different opinions and we also observe a lot of things that we didn't do right before.
Ferent Lucia, Habitat for Humanity Cluj
It's very nice that the tasks are combined, some more creative, some more relaxed, some for getting to know each other and the organization, but also those that tackle more serious discussions, about values, difficult moments or key moments from an organization and how would each person solve that issue. It's very clear that it makes you think and it challenges an NGOs members to reflect on some problems.
Corina Pintea, Pro Vobis
I can say that there were a lot of things both from the 1st and the 2nd phase which have really helped us decide the strategy for this mandate. We plan to play the last 2 phases after half of our mandate. We have also decided to share the board game with our 7 member organizations and we are waiting for their feedback as well. Thank you for this opportunity!
Lupu Alexandra Mihaeia, Romanian Federation of Pharmacy Students


Also check out the following available discounts:

  • If you order 2 copies --> 15% discount
  • If you order 3 or more copies --> 20% discount
  • You are a YMCA Europe member --> 10% discount
  • (Romania only) You are a CMON member --> 10% discount
  • (Romania only) You have already ordered the Romanian version --> additional 10% discount

Unless otherwise stated, the discounts are not cumulative. The largest discount will be applied in case you qualify for more than one. Additional volume discounts can be negociated, contact us if you want to order more than 5 copies!

For Romanian organizations invoicing will be made in RON.


Delivery and Payment

International deliveries will be made through the Romanian Post at a price of 9€ and a delivery time of 7-10 days.

At the moment we can only ship in EU/EEA Member States (EU + Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland).

For deliveries in Romania, we offer the following options:

  • In Bucharest (Fan Courier): 15 lei
  • Everywhere else (Fan Courier): 20 lei

Until 30.11.2017 all deliveries in Romania will be made free of charge.

Payment can be made through the following methods:

  • PayPal (which includes credit card, even without a PayPal account)
  • Bank transfer
  • On Delivery Payment (only in Romania)

What happens after you order?

In maximum 2 days since you place your order an AYI staff member will send you a confirmation email. We will then email you when your package is ready, and once we confirm the payment we will prepare the delivery so it can get to you as soon as possible.

We will issue an invoice for all orders made and paid.

Any questions?

Let's get talking by email at info@younginitiative.org or through Facebook Messenger, for any questions, ideas or doubts. We'll happily assist you!

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